Stranger Things poster

Stranger Things poster in mixed media (acrylic and chalk pastels) I’m a massive fan of the Stranger Things series and as a result, I just had to create an art poster for it. It’s taken a while but it’s finally complete!

Modern portrait of Bobbie

This is a modern portrait of a man and his bike, which was commissioned by his brother as a present. The client sent me examples of other pieces of art that he liked and I mocked up a digital version of the half realistic and half collage piece before painting the actual thing.

A portrait of Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a bit of a hero of mine, and as he has such a great wealth of brilliant photos, I couldn’t resist painting one of them. He lives on my living room wall, which I guess is a bit weird, but oh well…

Music to code too.

Here is a selection of instrumental tracks that I like to listen to when I’m coding (when I’m not being an artist I’m a creative director with a background as a full stack developer and designer) so I know all about getting in the coding zone!

These songs have a great pace that will help you to stay in that state of flow. Becuase they have no vocals your brain won’t be distracted by processing any language which can interfere when writing.


Black Marble, Abstract Monochrome Print

This is Black marble, an abstract monochrome print available on canvas and as a fine art print. This art works best when it is as big as possible! I would love to see it in a Scandinavian style home office oversized and among a selection of other complementary art that is randomly scattered across a big wall.

There are a number of different prints that this art is available on including pillows, rug and cushions:

Black marble art prints
Black marble art prints

Browse and buy Black Marble online

Moody blue roses


This is the second piece in a new planed range of chalk pastel drawings focussing on flowers, palms and succulent plants. Colourful chalk on black paper in A2. Prints available online here:

Italy Cheque De Terre harbour

This painting of the Cheque De Terre on Italy took a long time! The amount of detail meant that I worked on it for months, which is why I have the original in my living room and il never sell it! Prints are available though 🙂 here.

Scene from Disney’s Aristocats

This is a commission for a lady who’s partner had always loved the Aristocats film. She selected the below scene and asked me to create a large painting on canvas which would fit her industrial style apartment.

Original scene, edited using photoshop to create an aged retro poster style finish. This is what I then worked from.