Modern portrait of Bobbie

Commissioned Art / Portfolio / 19/02/2017

This is a modern portrait of a man and his bike, which was commissioned by his brother as a present. The client sent me examples of other pieces of art that he liked and I mocked up a digital version of the half realistic and half collage piece before painting the actual thing.

A portrait of Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a bit of a hero of mine, and as he has such a great wealth of brilliant photos, I couldn’t resist painting one of them. He lives on my living room wall, which I guess is a bit weird, but oh well…

Music to code too.

Playlists / 11/02/2017

Here is a selection of instrumental tracks that I like to listen to when I’m coding (when I’m not being an artist I’m a creative director with a background as a full stack developer and designer) so I know all about getting in the coding zone! These songs have a great pace that will help … Continue reading Music to code too.

Moody blue roses

Portfolio / 27/03/2016

The second in a new planed range of chalk pastel drawings focussing on flowers, palms and succulent plants.

Italy painting

Italy Cheque De Terre harbour

Portfolio / 29/01/2016

This painting of the Cheque De Terre on Italy took a long time! The amount of detail meant that I worked on it for months, which is why I have the original in my living room and il never sell it! Prints are available though 🙂 here.

Astronaut painting

Astronaut in outer space

Portfolio / 29/11/2015

I love space and astronauts I think there cool. So as a Christmas present for my big brother I painted him this astronaut in space on canvas. I think it’s still leaning against his wall, even though I made sure to give him some command picture hooks (these are the best for hanging your art … Continue reading Astronaut in outer space